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Dear future homebuilder,

My name is Ella Kadiric,

I’m the co-founder of Shield Building Group, a boutique homebuilder who works with only a small handful of clients per year. If you haven’t heard of our building company and the way we have been operating our business:

Here is the short story:

highlighting our values and commitments we have stuck by for 15 + years,building some of the most lucrative and sought-after boutique properties in Melbourne.

Let’s see if they match with your project vision and if we are a good fit to work together.

When we first started our company 15 years ago, we saw that nearly all builders were assembling homes for the mass market, constructing homes “off the plan”. If homeowners wanted more stylish features and add-ons the costs could skyrocket and often go way over budget.

This would translate in homeowners not getting the type of home they really yearned for, while also bringing down the value of the house if they wanted it for re-sale purpose.

So rather than build generic homes for the mass market, We decided to take a laser-specific approach to only build specialised boutique homes at the fraction of the cost of a larger homebuilder. We are able to do this by retaining our compact size, by working with only a select few individuals, who appreciate the prestige and higher market value potential of boutique style properties.

This helps us sharply reduce building costs (especially for boutique properties) and slash the building time frames by 15-20% faster than traditional homebuilders with no comprise to quality. This is done because we do not have excessive overheads of a larger builder, so we are able to translate those cost-effective measures to you, our customer.

We know that you are special and so are the homebuyers. Special involves superior requirements and commitments.

This is why having a builder that you trust, is one of the most critical components to bring your home build dreams to life. This is why we are very careful with who we work with, we choose to work with people who share our values and passion for excellence. We are a family run building group and we value honesty and transparency above all, which means that when we work with you, we work diligently as if we were building a home or a development for ourselves.

Our expertise and many development projects,which we successfully completed have earned us, long standing the respect of 164 happy clients, 96% of which have become repeat, long-term clients. The passion for custom development, regardless of the size has us motivated to complete each project within budget, time and most importantly quality.

We are in a very tiny group of builders who are able to guarantee our work with specific time-frame and fixed-price guarantees.

This is to ensure that whatever build vision you’re working towards, you are able to rest easy, confident that you will get there without risk or complications.

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